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ADEXIM is a removal company present on the market since 2000. We meet the needs of customers interested in organising professional removal services. We offer   domestic and international removals. Our offer is aimed at companies, offices, corporations, institutions, as well as private individuals (house removals, flat removals).

The range of services provided by our removal company is wide and comprehensive, and carefully trained and suitably qualified employees with many years' experience will carry out any order, even an unusual one. The representatives and employees of our company are very knowledgeable about how to secure and transport your belongings. They provide all information related to the scope of execution of each order.

Removals organised by our company are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


why work with us?


We insure each service for the duration of the service against carrier liability in domestic and international traffic.


We take a flexible approach to customer needs. We treat each removal individually by selecting the most suitable team, fleet and plan of action.


We carry out services reliably, punctually and within the agreed timeframe. You can rely on us.


We are well established on the market. We have been providing our services since 2000. We provide both domestic and international removal services.


domestic and international removals

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Moving a flat or house involves properly securing the items, loading the contents of the house or flat onto a suitable vehicle and safely transporting and unloading them at the new location.

Choose one of our packages to suit your needs.You can reduce the cost of the service and partially prepare the move in-house, or you can fully entrust us to carry out the move from preparing and securing the items, to loading, transporting and unloading, to laying out all the items at the destination.


The removal involves the proper securing of items, the proper loading of the contents of the office, warehouse or other premises onto the vehicle and the safe transportation and unloading at the new location.

Furniture, computers and other items are professionally secured and loaded onto the vehicle. Once the equipment has been delivered to its destination, our staff set everything up according to your instructions. As a reminder, an important element, will be the plans for setting up the furniture in the new premises.

Choose the best removal option for you!

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We carry out comprehensive international removals within the European Union and beyond. We have a very high level of experience, all the necessary permits and certificates, as well as qualified staff and professional equipment.

We have the experience, the appropriate means of transport and all the necessary licences, certificates and permits.Our staff undergo additional training to ensure that you receive a fully professional and comprehensive service at the highest possible level.


comprehensive service

Transport of works of art

Storage of property

Transport of grand and upright pianos

Destruction of documentation

Transport of armoured cash registers, servers

Disposal of IT equipment and furniture

International transport

Training for employees


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companies we have helped

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Muzeum Geologiczne - przeprowadzki Adexim Warszawa
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Our company has all the necessary permits and certificates. We give priority to the safety of the property entrusted to us. The company's managers are licensed and hold a LICENCE FOR DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL ROAD TRANSPORT, as well as a CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE IN DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL GOODS TRANSPORT.