We have all year round heated facilities located in Warsaw. Thus our clients are ensured safe storage of belongings in our warehouses well suited to changeable weather conditions.

In case of in-between moves, it is very often that you do not have a place to leave your items overnight or for a longer while. A variety of factors have an impact, e.g. the necessity to leave the existing accommodation, and no idea where to move in because the new one has not been finished yet, due to renovation, going abroad, you have furniture and items which you do not know what to do with, you change your office for a smaller one where will not fit all the furniture you have.

We offer storage services for private as well as corporate clients. Furniture as well as cardboard boxes are not resistant to changeable weather conditions, temperature, humidity. Improper storage may result in deformation of furniture, and consequently its destruction.

When you leave your items in our warehouse, we do our best to protect them during the period of storage. Your goods are ensured constant temperature. Our facilities are resistant to changeable weather conditions, humidity, leak, and mechanical damage, and ensure outstanding storage conditions and safety precautions. Our warehouses are equipped with central heating and well suited for storing non-standard goods, furniture, paper files and other kinds of assets.

Our storage space is equipped with round-the-clock security and supported by a CCTV monitoring system, and certainly insured. By an open attitude towards clients, we can offer high quality services to meet current as well as future needs of each, even the most demanding Client.

We hope that our cooperation will give you satisfaction with our storage services.

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